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Our New Digital Dashboard

Market 2day is launching a new set of capabilities in our app to help local food producers connect with more customers and sell more of their food!

Our new features are especially designed to help farms and food businesses who:

Market 2day’s marketplace enables consumers to easily find you and order from you wherever you are on any given day.

Our goal is to present customers with all the opportunities to buy local food directly from small producers that are selling nearby at a time that is convenient for them.  We believe that when consumers see all the local abundance around them, they will buy local food more often, you will make more money and the world will be a better place!


Sell directly to consumers


Frequently change the locations where they sell each day  (e.g. different farmers markets throughout the week)


Sell at locations that aren’t easy to find online (e.g. roadside farm stands or CSA drop off points)



Vendors can create a Location for all the places where you can be found selling your products and the ordering window associated with that location.



Vendors then create Events at Locations for the days you are selling at that location. Creating an Event is as simple as clicking a calendar day.


You can see orders that customers are creating for your events including orders that have but started but not yet submitted. Once you fulfill an order, you process them like any other POS system.

Order Management


Your Product List has also been added to the new Dashboard and we’ve added features to make it easier to manage, sort and filter.

Upgraded Product List

The Digital Marketplace Pilot

Market 2day’s new app is ready to pilot with a select group of vendors. Apart from covering the credit card fees for any customer orders, the app will be free during the pilot.


We look forward to working with you and helping you connect with more even customers!

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