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Our Story


Market 2day officially started in the Fall of 2017, but as a business concept it had been banging around in founder Insa Elliott's head for a few years.  She had become a committed locavore after many years of going regularly to her town's farmers market and forming relationships with all of local farmers and food producers there.  None of market vendors were "making it rich" from their endeavors despite working their tails off.  An experienced tech executive and former management consultant, Insa looked around the market and saw quickly that the market could reach many more customers with a new business model supported by the right technology.

With this inspiration, Insa left her corporate career and jumped into entrepreneurship. Through a women's networking group, she met Stephanie Marmier and they clicked immediately. A certified health coach with a Masters in Food Studies, Stephanie had dedicated much of her career studying food habits and helping people eat more healthfully and mindfully. She had also run the Customer Service Department and supervised the operations of an online grocery store in Shanghai, China.  Insa saw that Stephanie's experience in food and grocery operations complemented her own experience in business strategy and tech perfectly.  Insa asked Stephanie to be a co-founder of Market 2day and the rest is history!

Insa, Stephanie and the whole Market 2day team's mission is simple: to grow the local food economy by making it easier and more accessible to busy people which really is almost everyone today.   

We do this because buying more local food is incredibly important, for your physical health, for your community, and for the sustainability of this planet. And it just tastes better.

We hope you try Market 2day and join us on our mission to transform our food system.

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