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New Dashboard and Marketplace
Why is Market2day doing this?

Our mission from Day 1 has been to grow the market for local food.  In serving thousands of customers for the past five years with our delivery service, we have consistently heard a few things:


  1. People really want to buy local!

  2. Buying local takes a lot of effort - sometimes too much for a busy household

  3. Consumers want more options to buy local than a weekly home delivery service


We know that if consumers had a way to see all of the options for buying locally around them coupled with the convenience and predictability of online ordering, they would do it more often.


We realized we could add to the existing capabilities of the Market 2day app to create a solution - so that’s what we’re doing!

How is the Market 2day app different from Square/Shopify/Barn2Door/Food4All any other ecommerce platform?

There are some great ecommerce platforms out there that many of you are familiar with.  But none of them helps a customer find you based on where and when you are selling. This is fine if you are a business who does not move around as you sell with a sales address easily seen on Google. 


But many farms and food businesses we work with connect with customers by selling directly to them at multiple farmers markets, farmstands invisible on Google Maps, or deliveries in neighborhoods far away from their official business address.  Before Market 2day, there was no good way for a customer to find you unless they already knew you were there. We solve this problem.


In 2023 we don’t expect to replace your online store that you’ve probably spent dozens of hours building.  But we can help you connect with new customers close to the places where you sell.

What is the cost for using the new Market 2day Vendor Dashboard?

After the Pilot, in addition to credit card fees, Market 2day will charge a 2.5% transaction fee.  Vendors will have the ability to pass on this fee to the consumer, if they wish.


We are also working on an additional set of value-added features that will be available through a subscription. Stay tuned!

What is the cost for using the new Market 2day Vendor Dashboard?

Send an email to  We’ll have a live conversation with you, review how the new features work and agree on next steps.

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