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Why I Started Market 2day

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

I believe passionately that a healthy society has a strong local food economy. Perhaps I have this belief because my father grew up on a farm and shared with me the pleasure of eating vegetables he picked the same day. Perhaps it's because in my travels across the world, I've found that the heart of a village or a city is always its farmers markets and the best cuisines I've tasted are based on fresh, locally grown food. Perhaps it's because the farmers and other food producers I've met over the past several years at New England farmers markets do what they do out of sense of vocation, because they recognize that there's something special and important about creating healthy food that nourishes their community.

If you serve anyone the locally produced food you find at a farmers market, they'll agree that the taste and quality is on a completely higher level than what you'll find at your average chain supermarket. Everyone also loves the idea of supporting a sustainable local business. And yet farmers markets represent less than 0.2% of all of US grocery spend. The reason is simple: farmers markets are not the easiest or most convenient place to buy food and in this day and age where time is the most precious commodity, shopping at farmers markets becomes a luxury that many cannot afford.

I want to change this equation and make the food that you find at your farmers market easy to find and convenient to buy. Amazon will never be able to deliver a beautiful, locally grown tomato from the farmer that you know and trust...but with the right technology and services, Market 2day can.

We all should be supporting our local food economy, for the sake of our health and sustainability as a community. Our future depends on it.

Insa Elliott - Market 2day Founder

Photo by Jake Gard on Unsplash

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