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  • What is Market 2day?
    Market 2day is a mobile app that connects small local farms and food businesses with people who want to buy local! We have virtual markets with delivery services that serve Metro Boston, Metrowest and the So. Shore. You can also use the Market 2day app to find local producers at farmers markets, farmstands, pop ups and more!
  • Why does buying local food matter anyway?
    Buying local has so many advantages over traditional grocery stores! First of all, IT JUST TASTES BETTER! Super fresh products without tons of preservatives, harvested, caught, or baked in the last 24 hours are in a completely different league than standard supermarket fare. IT'S BETTER FOR YOU. The fresher the crop, the more abundant the nutrients. Also, many local farmers whether or not they have been certified Organic, use Integrated Pest Management to minimize the chemicals on their crops. IT'S GOOD FOR THE COMMUNITY. Wouldn't you rather keep your dollars close to home? Also places with strong local food economies have better abilities to address better food access for everyone. IT'S THE RIGHT THING FOR THE PLANET. This might be the most important reason. In a time when the health of our climate and ecosystem is at risk, supporting local farmers who use sustainable agricultural practices is one of the most impactful things we can do.
  • Can I order from different markets?
    You can order from any market that serves a zone that you where you want to receive delivery. Please note that different markets operate on different days and we always deliver directly from the market. If you are a member of a Community Hub that receives deliveries, there is a designated market that serves your specific hub so please make sure to ask a manager in your community. Contact us if you'd like to add your community as a pick up place or offer our service to your members.
  • What’s a Community Hub?
    A community hub is any place where community gathers. It can be a workplace, a condo complex. a health center, a school or any other similar place or building. Community Hubs receive discounted delivery and are also eligible for other community-based special offers. If you have a place you'd like to recommend as a community hub, please send us a note at
  • There is no Community Hub convenient to me. What do I do?
    You can order home delivery for a delivery fee. Also consider recommending your office, your health center, or a place in your community to become a pick-up site. Just contact us at
  • Is this a subscription? Do I have to order every week?
    We are NOT a CSA or a subscription meal plan. You can order whenever and whatever you would like.
  • Are you delivering to homes?
    We have weekly home deliveries to towns in Metro Boston, Metrowest and the South Shore. Although we use insulated bags, for home delivery we do request that customers leave coolers out for us so we can protect the quality of the food in case you aren't home when we deliver.
  • Is there a minimum order?
    Our delivery markets have a minimum order of $40. Some producers may have minimum orders as well and will note this in the market event descriptions.
  • Do we need to purchase Market 2day bags?
    No, but we are expecting customers to bring them back the next time they order, so we can wash them and reuse them. This is the best thing for the environment!
  • Is Market 2day Local or Regional? What’s the difference?
    Anything that is grown within 100 miles is considered local. Anything above that is "regional". Anything that is "Regional" will need to go into some kind of storage before it is distributed to the customer. With Market 2day, product literally goes from the farmer to you, the customer on the same day. Quick PSA: pay attention to misleading advertising, especially in large grocery stores. For example, we've seen "local" blueberries in the Boston area that were grown in New Jersey.
  • How are food prices determined?
    Producers determine all the prices for their products on the app. Market 2day adds a fee (on average of 10% of the price) for our virtual markets to cover the cost of labor, packaging, rent and other overhead expenses.
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