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A Memory of Blueberries off the Beaten Path...

April Geyer making a Black Forest Cake using cherries from Kimball Fruit Farm

“I grew up in New Hampshire, and when you grow up in New Hampshire you climb Mount Monadnock. We always hiked up at least once a year and once was always in the summer. The first summer hike we did, we had a wonderful treat: blueberry bushes ready and ripe! We noticed just a couple of these bushes  off the path so we decided to diverge and pick some. To our delight we found many more hidden away from the path mostly taken. Every year after that we would hike the same trail and pick fresh blueberries from the same bushes. No blueberry ever tasted better than the ones we picked ourselves from the path less taken.” 

April Geyer, Locavore, Professional Pastry Chef, National Dance Champion and Manager at Workbar. Follow her on Instagram at @12kitchens

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