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The Moment He Became a Farmer

I didn't grow up on a farm or with any interest in gardening. I had a friend in college who was very involved with an urban organic farm near campus. She often encouraged me to visit, but I was too busy with coursework or activities. I did eventually volunteer during my final semester and I quickly discovered that I loved working outdoors in a peaceful setting surrounded by plants and other hard-working people. After graduation I was offered a paid position for the season. I remember harvesting turnips on a crisp early autumn morning and thinking "How can I do this for the rest of my life?" I've been pursuing small scale organic agriculture as a career ever since.

Mark Rutkowski of Merrimack Farm, Beverley MA.

Find Mark every Tuesday at the Copley Square Farmers Market where he sells his exquisite produce and flowers. Follow Merrimack Farm on Instagram at @merrimack_farm

Mark and his rainbow organic carrots

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