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Fruit Pie
Yummy Mummy Bakery

Decadent brownies, cookies and more all made daily from scratch. Melissa Roiter grew up surrounded by good food. Her mother, now a yummy gran-mummy, was a caterer, her aunt, a chocolatier and her grandmother, an amazing at-home baker. It was Grandma Irene who passed on to Melissa her famous, unique and always a crowd-pleasing, chocolate brownie recipe. After years of baking the brownies herself, Melissa knew that the delicious treats were destined to be shared. But a business name? A concept? She needed a spark. That spark was ignited Mother’s Day 2007; the brownie business started and today Melissa is ready to share the most delicious brownies with you, your friends, and family. So go ahead and indulge – it’s worth it!

Markets Served

Copley Square (Tuesday and Friday)

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