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Red's Best Fish

Red’s Best was founded in 2008 by Jared Auerbach. The ancient art of fishing passes from generation to generation. As a young fisherman from Boston, Jared worked on commercial vessels in Alaska and Cape Cod during the early 2000’s. He worked alongside hardworking fishermen and saw that with the advent of industrial technology and the governmental regulation of open oceans, traditional fishing communities and family fishing businesses began to struggle for survival. He also saw the abundance of species available to us in New England’s pristine cold waters. He set out to create a way for consumers to have direct access to the freshest seafood. He envisioned a brand that would represent each and every fisherman and the pride of the profession. Red is every fisherman.

Markets Served

Copley Square Friday Farmers Market - Order by Wednesday!,Copley Square Tuesday Farmers Market - Order by Sunday!,Boston Virtual Market

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