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Codman Community Farms - pastured-raised beef and pork

Codman Community Farms is a community farm managing over 150 acres of pasture in Lincoln, MA. Pete Lowy and Jen Hashley transitioned their business, Pete and Jen's Backyard Birds, to Codman Farm in 2016 and Pete now manages the farm on behalf of the non-profit Board of Directors.

The farm pasture-raises all of it's livestock which include heritage breed grass-fed cows and lambs, turkeys, laying hens, meat chickens and pigs. We rotationally graze all of our animals, which include many heritage breeds which thrive living in the outdoors. We feed certified organic and non-gmo grains to our non-ruminant critters and never use antibiotics...just plenty of fresh air, sunshine, lush pasture and lots of open space. We are the closest pasture-based farm to Boston and welcome visitors any day of the year!

Markets Served

Boston Virtual Market

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