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Mushroom Medley

I love mushrooms, but I like them assorted and simple. Last week I bought 3 pints of 3 different kinds of mushrooms: shiitake, oyster and Lion. Mushrooms are known to be healthy as they have beneficial effects on the body, heart and brain. They are low in calorie, a good source of fiber and protein.

With this mushroom toast you can have a full meal mostly composed with ingredients from the farmers markets. To add an extra good source of protein you can add an egg, my favorite would be sunny side up or poached.


1. Shallot or small onion minced

2. 1tbs butter

3. Garlic minced

3. Any mushroom you like (1 pint per person for large portion) chopped (Mycoterra)

5. Parsley finely chopped (Foppema Farm)

6. Salt & pepper to taste

Optional: slices of bread (Iggy's) and an egg (DaSilva or Codman Community Farms)


1. Sautéed the minced shallot or onion with butter or olive oil, add the garlic and add the chopped mushrooms. If the mushrooms stick to the pan, add some water or white wine until mushrooms are cooked.

2. Add parsley.

4. Salt & Pepper to taste

Serve on a toast with a green salad (Foppema Farm) and cherry tomatoes (Kimball Fruit Farm)

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