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Fresh Pesto

What's better than a homemade pesto made with fresh cut basil straight from your farmers market? Last week I ordered basil from MacArthur Farm and it was so good. I put some in my salade, some in my tomato sauce and on my pizza, I still had enough to do a pesto for our Tuesday night pasta dinner. I froze the leftover in a small container for a fish dish, a sandwich spread or for next pasta night.


80g/2.80oz Fresh Basil

50g/1.8oz Parmesan Cheese, cut into pieces

30g/1oz Pecorino Cheese, cut into pieces

(or only 80g/2.80oz Parmesan)

50g/1.80oz Pine nuts

11/2 Garlic clove

150ml/1/2 cup Extra Virgin Oil

1 Pinch of salt & pepper


1. Place parmesan Cheese into mixer bowl and grate

2. Add pine nuts, garlic clove, basil leaves and oil and chop & mix until it reaches consistency

3. Add salt & pepper to taste

Transfer into a serving bowl or in your pasta. You can freeze the rest for later use.

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