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COVID-19 Statement

Learn about the precautions we are taking to make sure our customers can enjoy their food safely. 

Dear Customers,

In this time of specific public health concerns regarding COVID-19, we wanted to communicate to you what Market 2day is doing as a local food delivery business.


Employee Safety


We are committed to maintaining the safety of our workers. All staff are required to wear masks, sanitize their hands every 20 minutes, and keep a distance of 6 feet from each other.


Market Sanitization


Before starting and after finishing every market, we ensure that all surfaces and sensitive areas are sanitized.


Grocery Safety


We have temporarily suspended the use of our reusable bags, and instead use disposable bags. However, certain customers have requested that we keep using reusable bags for their orders. To ensure clean bags, we keep them aside for a minimum of three days, sanitize them, and leave them for another three or more days before we reuse them.


Our farmers are not allowed to collect used glass bottles, therefore we are currently unable to collect them, but we will take them as usual when the ban is lifted. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.

No Touch Deliveries

At this time, we will not be directly handing our bags to customers.  Instead we will place them at doorsteps or wherever else we may be instructed by a customer.

Hand Sanitization Protocol Before Deliveries

We will reinforce our standard practice of washing and/or sanitizing our hands before touching any food as we assemble customer bags. We have extended this practice to sanitizing hands before we handle our bags to deliver to the customer.

Home Delivery

At Market 2day we are glad to provide a service that delivers food directly from the food producer to the consumer, reducing the amount of handling food receives before it enters a customer's home.  We see this as another benefit of our service.

If you have any questions or concerns at all, please reach out to us at

Wishing you safety and good health,

- The Market 2day Team

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